Quality, Innovation, Attention To Detail
Since 1984 we have been designing and manufacturing high quality permanent magnet brakes, clutches and couplings. These include: permanent magnet synchronous shaft couplings, permanent magnet hysteresis and eddy current devices, and the accessories required for mounting our product in your system. Some industries that we serve include: capping, wire & cable, fiber-optic, aerospace, converting, mechanical power transmission, medical, chemical pumps, mixers, and oil well applications.

Whether you choose one of our standard models or require a custom design, our engineers understand tension and torque transmission. We know from experience the various applications that work best for magnetic brakes, couplings and clutches.

Our products are modular in design. This makes them more versatile and reduces your inventory of duplicate parts and assemblies. The shafts on many of our units can be modified or reversed easily for easy insertion into your assemblies. Our clutches have larger bores and clamp collars to simplify alignment and mounting. Our standard brakes use ball bearings while our heavy-duty units incorporate roller bearings to meet overhung load requirements. Talk to us for smart ways to improve your tensioning with magnetic assemblies.