Why Magnetic Technologies’ brakes & clutches are better.

cutawayQuality permanent magnetic tensioning devices for pay-off and torque limiting. We have 17 product lines ranging from 0.04 in/oz to 140 in/lbs.

  • Ball bearings or tapered roller bearings for overhung loads (HD).
  • Numerous shaft diameters and lengths. If you don’t see it, you can
    specify “A” and “B” dimensions.
  • Special clamping arrangement allows easy disassembly and interchangeability should you decide to change a shaft or to service our brakes in the future.
  • The hysteresis disc is the heart of our design. The heat treating and grinding of this element assures years of trouble-free performance.
  • We magnetize all our own magnets and test 100% in-house to guarantee that brakes you bought from us years ago are the same as those purchased today.


How They Operate

how_they_oper-2All important internal clearances are ground to tolerances of less than .025mm (.001 in). Magnet Assemblies (purple) surround our hysteresis disc (gold). When like poles face each other, they produce maximum magnetic saturation, forcing lines of flux to travel circumferentially through the hysteresis disc. This produces Maximum torque.

how_they_oper-1When opposite poles face each other, they produce minimum saturation of the hysteresis disc. The lines of flux travel right through the hysteresis disc. Combinations of adjustment angles between these two extremes gives infinite adjustability. Because there are no contacting surfaces, the setting can be maintained indefinitely.