Current Controlled Electric Hysteresis Brakes With Double Ended Shafts


Used for torque loading and power absorption in test benches, actuators, etc, as well as tension control with wire, cable, ropes, threads, paper and foils at take-up and payoff equipment.

Can be used as start coupling for rpm speed up control and as overload protection or braking against backlash. These brakes are noiseless, frictionless and wear free in their operation. Torque is independent from rpm speed. Torque is infinitely adjustable within each brake’s range of operation.

Large Bore Hysteresis Brakes Without Bearings


Hysteresis Brakes with a large bore are mainly used for tension control at flyer payoff operation equipment, at helical wrapping operation, and braiding application.

These brakes are supplied without bearings and are also available as a “matched” design on request. The bearings must be provided by the machine designer.


Matched Hysteresis Brakes


These units are developed to ensure that every brake of a given model designation will be matched at a pre-determined torque and current point to every other brake of the same model designation. By possibility of a special adjustment each brake will be matched at the selected match point to within ±1.5% provided that the match point is above 50 % of the max possible torque.

All other points of the curve then are within ±4% deviation from each other. The use of matched hysteresis brakes is, for example, an advantage in a multi tension control system for multi spool payoff frames.