Our Hysteresis Design is Built Better and Lasts Longer

Most bottle capping clutches today are magnetic, but of the synchronous design. The synchronous design uses two sets of opposed magnets to achieve the desired torque. The result is a noisy, harsh, ratcheting effect.

These clutches tighten the cap much like an impact wrench tightens the lugs on an automobile tire. With today’s thinner materials, higher speeds, and need for more precise torque, synchronous clutches are quickly becoming obsolete in the workplace.

In the hysteresis design, the magnets drive the torque through a special material called the hysteresis disc. The hysteresis disc generates a completely smooth, highly repeatable torque to the bottle cap. The result is better torque to the cap and longer life for the clutch.

We use the highest quality magnets, design techniques, and materials to bring you the best clutch for your money. We can custom build OEM designs and offer standard stainless steel bottle capping clutches to replace most competitive brands. We offer rebuild and clutch exchange programs.

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